🗞 The Newsletter Binge 🍽

6:00am - Cook breakfast and coffee
7:00am - 7:45am (if my kids let me): Newsletter time
  1. https://www.getrevue.co/profile/Recomendo — I have found some many random tools, apps, stuff that I actually ended up using. It’s run by Kevin Kelly (founding executive editor of Wired magazine), Mark Frauenfelder (co-owner of Boing Boing) and Claudia Dawson (she runs the Cool Tool website).
  2. https://thewhippet.substack.com — She writes about stuff that isn’t about current affairs, which is wonderful because it’s a literal break for my eyes and my mind. I learned more about iron eating mices and meaningless personal values.
  3. https://austinkleon.com/newsletter — Austin Kleon makes me believe I am more a writer than I really am. Even if I don’t end up being one, he gives all subscribers the permission to buy more beautiful notebooks.



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TryingTooHardLah! 超勉強

TryingTooHardLah! 超勉強


I write about how to suck less as a boss, how to make your workplace suck less, and how to suck less in life at siudavid.org