Real Coaching that Actually Works.

Yes, that was my wife and our daughter. This was the moment our daughter broke through and started riding the bicycle.

I threw all the motivational talks, behavioural interventions, and Jedi-mindtricks I knew at our daughter. I tried to create small wins℠, dismantled dysfunctional coping mechanisms®, focused on systems™️ …..

Purpose, mastery, autonomy! I preached.
No? Okay, wait, let’s bring her clarity.

Nothing worked.

My wife stood up, handed me the phone, and demoted me to a home-video taker. She started running along side our daughter, cheered loudly, and the rest was history.

I suppose sometimes, “Simplicity is (indeed) the ultimate sophistication.” *

Fine. 🤷🏻‍♂️

* Surprise! Leonardo probably didn’t say that quote.




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TryingTooHardLah! 超勉強

TryingTooHardLah! 超勉強

I am leaving Medium. Future posts will be on

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