A Milestone for Two Mothers

Today is the last day of school. It’s also the last day Island Waldorf School of Hong Kong will call this little location home.

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Everything started with the Highgate House School Hong Kong, a Waldorf kindergarten. It was so different that two parents could not resist diving very deep into it. They read books, took teacher training classes, and visited Waldorf schools around the world. Yet nothing would satisfy them, except starting their own Waldorf school.

The location used to be an elderly home. After spending countless hours with sweaty walls and topless craftsmen, they turned the space into a magical Waldorf primary school.

In September 2017, they welcomed starry-eyed children from 11 courageous families.

Today, together with 60+ kids in a large circle, we sang songs, ate school-baked cookies, and gave thanks to this quaint little space which is now aged by the fragrance of homemade food, sounds of clumsy and strenuous music making, and countless scars from daily onslaught of laughters, childhood enthusiasm, and mischief.

We will be moving to a new location. We wish to give everyone a better environment, because nothing feels more viscerally rewarding than witnessing lives of young and not-so-young, grow and unfold.

🙇🏼‍♂️, Smithfield; 👋🏼, Queen’s Road West.

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